Travel Clinic Journeys!

Travel Clinic Journeys! - International Travel Clinic Team at Vail Ranch Pharmacy
Vail Ranch Pharmacy’s International Travel Clinic is celebrating its 1 year anniversary 
We would like to thank all of the globe trotters that have visited our travel clinic to ensure good health throughout their travels and secure the most enjoyable of experiences by taking care of their immunizations and acquiring the right information before embarking in their adventures. Cheers to you! . . . 
In this process we have made great friends and have gotten to hear some amazing stories, so we decided to share with you our “Travel Clinic Journeys” map, highlighting all of the places that these adventurers have visited:

Thailand, Cambodia, Malaysia, Philippines, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, India, Bolivia, Perú, Argentina and Chile just to name a few.

Help us put another pin on the map! - Make an appointment with our International Travel Clinic for your next out of the country excursion. You will be glad you did. For more information about our Travel Clinic Services, please click here.

Thank you!
International Travel Clinic Team at Vail Ranch Pharmacy
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