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Hi! . . . And welcome, my name is Basil Maqbool a.k.a. @FatBoyTriesToCook, I created this page because I have a passion for cooking and creating moments with food. This is a new stage in my life and I would like to share it with you, if you will allow me.
I have been a foodie most of my life, I’ve been into cooking since I was young, learning from my mom. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve cooked more and more. When the food network launched, I started watching cooking shows to learn more about food, what inspires chefs and what makes a good dish. I’ve been a super-fan since Top Chef began in 2006. Watching Top Chef, changed the way I thought about food, it made me get out of my comfort zone and experiment with new ingredients, styles and techniques, so when the opportunity to participate in Top Chef Amateurs presented itself, I had to try and participate!
Walking into the iconic Top Chef kitchen was a literal dream come true! . . . Meeting the mentors and judges Gail Simmons along with the other talented chefs was surreal, it was the most fun I have ever had in a kitchen. I never thought I would have the opportunity to do anything like it,  I came to Top Chef Amateurs more as a fan, not as a chef. I’m just a home cook, regardless I’m proud of the dishes i made. It’s an experience I won’t ever forget . . .
What's next?
I intend to follow my passion and  learn more about the food that I love, focusing on nontraditional Pakistani cuisine and Middle Eastern flavors. Give me a follow! And learn about these amazing flavors as we experiment and experience the joy of being in the kitchen together.

Pharmacist by day. Top Chef by night. Tune in 07/01/21 for the premier of ##topchefamateurs on @bravotopchef . ##topchef ##topcheffamily ##pharmacist

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Meanwhile  . . .
Catch the Show!, Watch Top Chef Amateurs Series Premiere on Bravo July 1st after the Top Chef Season 18 Finale THURSDAY, JULY 1 @ 9 PM PT ON BRAVO.
For more info on the show, visit 
Top Chef Amateurs | Bravo TV Official Site
Cook and eat good food!
Basil M.
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